The Tiny Space Shuttle

Imagine the following:

You are sitting in a tiny space shuttle, and you float through the solar system while orbiting earth. Darkness rules the world around you. Your  warm and comfortable cocoon levitates between endless twinkling stars. Earth, the planet you know so well, experiences night, somewhere far below.

Suddenly, a bright burning light awakens from underneath. It is the sun. She’s rising on earth, and warming your shuttle. In the light of this flaming star, you can now see the details of your planet, two hundred miles below you.

The earth is moving vaguely faster than your shuttle, thus endless oceans, clouds, seas and continents, pass through your window frame. You gasp. She’s mesmerizingly beautiful, your earth.

Without a sense of time, you marvel at the turquoise and white colors of paradisal beaches. You sigh softly at the soft pastels of the desserts. You surrender willingly to the unimaginable diversity of different greens.

Suddenly you understand… Earth is home. Not just your home, but the home of countless precious lives, all of different lengths.


You remember earth.

You remember your life below.

You remember the worries you had, the victories you experienced, and the awkward moments of unforgettable embarrassment. You think of the expansive bliss you’ve felt on that planet, and the horrifying feeling of rejection. You recall the sensation of loss and you equally understand the what it means, to gain. You’ve seen decay, and witnessed seeding. You’ve been present at birth, gone through growth, fought maturity and finally… you’ve Woken Up.

This planet below you, this small orb we call earth, has been an incredible teacher. You now realize, that the countless experiences you’ve had, have only been possible, with the support of this place. Everything you’ve owned, experienced and loved, has been given to you by this ever changing, ever evolving, ever breathing and ever degrading planet. And you understand that this moving sphere, is just as much a breathing organism, as you are.

Times on earth can be confusing. You know this very well. The balance has been abandoned. Humanity has expanded, and grown in every direction imaginable. Positive, negative, in between. Everything you can think of, walks, talks and lives out there. You know that on earth, sexists claims their sexism, minorities claim their equality, women demand their shared responsibility, and liars seek leadership. You remember the madness, and you know that out there, all odds are off.

But you don’t worry.

You live in a tiny space shuttle, and you see the earth from afar. This shuttle teaches that when you zoom out, and look at the bigger picture, the story changes. From a distance, personal narrative turns into a beautiful blend of colors, feelings, sounds, smells, and thoughts.

You know what it means to be alive down there. You also know, what it means to be in the space shuttle.

You look down in pure admiration. She’s your earth.

(Inspired by an incredible episode from Radiolab )

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