Tiny RV

Tiny RV

While living on the road, we converted an old shuttle bus into a tiny mobile home. We call her the Tiny Space Shuttle. Check out the video and photos below.



In 2013, we quit our jobs and decided to spend time working on our dreams, which for me meant writing books. For two and a half years, my husband and I chose to avoid rent, and live on the road in the USA.

Mobile homes aren’t America’s most esthetic or environmentally friendly creations. They are often dark, large, and very wasteful. In 2013, we decided to build one of our own, in a vehicle small enough to drive in big cities and park in normal parking locations. We bought an old shuttle bus, from a Christian youth camp in South Minnesota, and converted it into a mobile home.

It turned out to be quite the ordeal, building a home while living on the road. It took persistence, 10 months, and a whole lot of courage, but the job got done.

Our tiny home measures only 100 sq. feet and is equipped with running water, a three-stage water filter, reverse osmosis, a fridge, a tiny toilet, a tiny oven, and a tiny indoor shower.

With this car and our dog, we crossed the USA and its mesmerizing parks several times.

Below I posted pictures of our self-designed little palace.

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